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The Datchworth is a competitive but friendly tennis league with 104 teams in 13 divisions representing 25 Hertfordshire clubs.

Honour Board

Please send me (RoyButton@Gmail.com) any info you have on player names.

Honour Board by Year

The objective of any league is to provide good close competition. Nobody takes pleasure in stuffing the oppos and on the other hand when you are the 'stuffee' you wonder why you bothered turning up. Below is a spreadsheet showing the "Standard Deviation" for each division. The StdDev is roughly speaking the average difference from the average. High StdDev = a missmatched division, low = closely fought. In 2006 6B was particularly cruel, and div. 3A was closely fought. Unfortunately the average StdDev. has risen this year, but hopefully over the next couple of seasons the new flatter league structure will take effect and the StdDev. will drop. Any ideas/feedback will be much appreciated
Standard Deviations by Division

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