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The Datchworth is a competitive but friendly tennis league with 104 teams in 13 divisions representing 25 Hertfordshire clubs.

1989-96 Tables

Datchworth Results 1989 to 96
In the process of tidying my home office I discovered an old folder containing final tables from 89 to 96 - I have scanned them into a pdf. (click the link below)
I ‘inherited' the league in 1990. The previous incumbent did everything manually, then got his secretary to type it up. I started off using Foxpro database software and a dot matrix printer. Everything was done on paper via snail mail. In 1989 the evening league had 5 divisions of 8 (40 teams), it now has 16 divisions (128 teams). The autumn league started in 1990 with 2 divisions of 7 (now 10 divisions of 6). Thankfully everything now is web based - easier and quicker all round. The pdf includes a contact list from 1993 - you will spot a lot of familiar old names on it, and amazing some of us (plus a few extra kilos) are still ambling around the courts. Some clubs have disappeared, some have thrived (e.g. Codicote 2 teams in 89, 10 teams now), and lots of new clubs have joined. I guess we are now close to the physical limit in terms of travelling distance. Although the league has developed hugely over the years the basic evening format of 3 sets, 1 lady, 2 men hasn't changed - it was an inspired idea whoever came up with it.
Regards Roy B. (still playing just)

Datchworth 1989-96

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