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The Datchworth is a competitive but friendly tennis league with 104 teams in 13 divisions representing 25 Hertfordshire clubs.


The Datchworth is a competitive but friendly tennis league, with 104 teams in 13 divisions, representing 25 Hertfordshire clubs.

Last Update: Wednesday 17th July at 16:25

Zero Results / Postponements outstanding for Week 13

Please remember to register your results / postponements and also to check to make sure they have been correctly entered by last thing every Wednesday night.

Don't forget that matches that have been postponed must be played within 5 weeks of the original fixture date.

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Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM.

The main item of interest is that there will be no change to the format of the 2024 league. A minor change is that teams wishing to field a team of two women and one man will not have to seek the approval of the opposition in advance, but they will need to advise them that they will be doing so (this may lead to the opposition playing the same 2W/1M format should they wish).

We are now using a new Mailchimp distribution list. Please do encourage key personnel at your club to ask to be added to the list too so that it doesn't come down to one or two people at a club to be responsible for keeping up to date with league info. Those wishing to be added should send Rupe an email and it will be done.

Summer 2024 Summary

Summer 2024 Fixture Matrix

Summer 2024 Detail Table

Summer 2024 Player Results

Summer 2024 Remarks

Competition of the Year 2023

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The Summer league runs on 14 Monday evenings from end April to end July. This season there are 114 teams from 25 clubs in 15 divisions. Division 1 is good county standard, the lower divisions are less energetic. There is an Autumn league played at weekends from early September to mid November.

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