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The Datchworth is a competitive but friendly tennis league with 104 teams in 13 divisions representing 25 Hertfordshire clubs.

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League Rules / Constitution 2024

Summer scoresheet 2024

Autumn Result Sheet

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If a match starts late and/or the weather/light looks dodgy, once one side has got to 7 in a set split the remaining games. (if odd number winners get the extra game e.g. 7:3 => 9:4).

Please (home or away side) submit results promptly by web form.
Please note if you swap venues for whatever reason, when inputting the result it is still the original home team's home fixture. By all means mention it in the remarks box.
Do NOT enter a partial result e.g. if you know the sets score but not the games.
Duplicated results are ignored - but check first in any case.
If there is an error in a result email Rupert (submitting again will not alter an existing result).
It is no longer necessary to send in the paper result sheets - but the home team should retain them until 1 month after the league close out, in case of any dispute.
The summer league tables are usually updated several times in the 48 hours following Monday's matches, so do check to make sure your club's results have been submitted and appear on the tables to avoid the risk of a match being made void.

Autumn League
The format is - 2 ladies, 2 men, 6 sets of 13 games (tie break at 6 all).
The default match start time is 1:00pm on Saturday. The home side may change this to any reasonable time on Saturday to fit in with their court availability, but must inform the opposition preferably at the start of the season or at least 2 weeks in advance. If the home team wishes to play matches on Sundays, this must be agreed with the opposition, again preferably at the start of the season, but at least 2 weeks in advance.
A match requires two courts for about 2.5 hours.
The home team should provide 2 new tins of 4 pressurized balls and, of course, the usual refreshments.

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